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Containerized and Bare Root Liners


Evergreen Gro Plugs®

  • Healthy vigorous tops and roots
  • Root trained plugs - little or no transplant shock
  • Great starter plants for field or containers


 Larch 2011

38 Cell Larch
  • Root trained plug produces heavy well branched root systems
  • Plants are stocky and well branched
  • Quick to establish and grow

    Deciduous and Evergreen Quart  Quart Evergreen Liners
Quart Deciduous Shrub Liners 
  • Extends your planting season
  • Virtually no transplant shock
  • Deeper container for better roots
  • Great Value

               Bare root evergreen

Evergreen Bare Root Liners
  • Premium grade bedrun
  • Perfect for container upshift
  • Heavy rooted, northern grown
                Birch Bare Root

Birch Liners - Bare root
  • Sturdy plants grown under our ideal conditions
  • Best and hardiest varieties
  • Leading growers of birch

Birch 38 Cell
  • Root trained liner will have little or no transplant shock
  • Easy to plant and quick to establish
  • Hardy seed source

Evergreen Containers

Evergreen Containers
  • Easy to plant, no root shock
  • Ready when you are, available in early fall
  • Give your field production a head start with these large liners

Evergreen Nursery Company Inc
Evergreen Nursery Company Inc
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