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Gro Plug®Evergreen Gro-Plugs®

Our 51 cell Gro-Plugs® are one-year-old trees when they arrive at your business. We seed these in late February to early March and grow them for one growing season. This line is always strong and the plants have many great uses. We sell them to some of the largest
grafting nurseries in the United States. There is a good chance that when you are getting in your grafted spruce and pine, they started from our Norway Spruce and White Pine Gro-Plugs®. These plants make great grafting stock as well as starter plants in your field or to
pot up. We use Gro-Plugs® in our bare root evergreen fields.
We have the best evergreen seedling plug available to the nursery industry. Our seedling plugs have healthy vigorous tops and root systems. Our growing trays are 17/8” wide by 3½” deep per cell and have deep inward ridges to send roots down to the large drainage hole. The roots are air pruned which stimulate root growth in the plug. Root systems are fibrous, non-circling with horizontal root branching. Plants suffer little or no transplant shock. Plugs are great for promotions of any type, Arbor Day, weddings and funerals. We have made many brides extremely happy by giving a living piece of their day to their family and friends to take home.


Now offering the Jiffy Forestry Plug

We are now offering a one year Jiffy Plug seedling.  The Jiffy Forestry Plug is 36mm wide and 100 mm deep.  The Jiffy Plug produces a natural lateral root system by air pruning the roots.  The lateral root of the Jiffy Plug system moves roots out to anchor the seedlings.  This soft wall container protects the root system during shipping and planting, which prevents transplant shock and provides excellent planting survival.

Jiffy Plugs will be sold in a minimum number of 50 each and packaged in boxes for shipping with no trays being sent along.

Jiffy Plugs are sold in early spring as dormant plants, they cannot be shipped later in the season flushed like our 51 cell Gro-Plugs® can be.

Quart Liner

Evergreen Quart Liner

Time waits for no one…but these little liners will wait for you!
Many of our customers have asked for a reasonably priced container liner that is well branched, has a heavy root system, and has a larger window of time for planting. We start with a root-trained Gro-Plug® seedling or a rooted cutting. We pot into a 3½” square by 5” deep pot and grow them on to a two-year-old seedling or to a two-year-old cutting grown liner.
This pot provides ample room for well-formed root development. The plants are spaced with the necessary growing room to start forming healthy branches. Our cool, sunny summers and relatively low humidty promote thick stems and heavy branches. They are grown outside during the growing season and stored in unheated polyhouses in the winter.
One factor that makes our plants exceptional is our growing environment. Our evergreen quart liners are grown in an organic medium that encourages strong tops and heavy roots. Our native strains of ectomycorrhizae develop in our Gro-Plug® and quart liners early. Mycorrhizae fungus forms a beneficial association with the roots to enhance water and nutrient uptake. This relationship can be seen on the short feeder roots as a white threadlike mold.
The roots and mycorrhyzae work together to provide a healthier and larger plant. Plants will establish easier and grow faster in your nursery because of this beneficial fungus.
The quart liner is the ideal starter plant for field or container planting. As a container liner in its own pot, it does not need to be planted immediately and will wait until you are ready. We are confident you will find our evergreen quart liners a useful tool in your growing operation.
Plants are sold 18 pots per flat. Mix and match full flats to obtain quantity discount.

Bare Root Evergreen
We start our premier bed run liners by using our 51 cell Gro-Plugs® to plant out in the field. We grow them on for 3  more years to produce our finished product. Our cool summers and cold Wisconsin winters is the perfect environment for growing strong thick tops and heavy root systems. When we harvest our finished bare root liners we normally find heavy mycorrhizae on the roots. Our growing conditions are ideal for the establishment of mycorrhizae. This native strain is a natural occurring fungus that works with the root system to help the plants take up more water and nutrients from the soil.   The roots have visibly more branching than plants grown without this beneficial fungus. More branching on the roots means a faster established plant with a rapid growth rate in your field or container production.
Our cool summers help our evergreens have less stress than others in the summer months, but our harsh winters ensure you are getting very hardy plants for your production. A double bonus!
Our evergreens are harvested bed run. You will always be guaranteed straight leaders and the wonderful Evergreen Nursery root system we are known for. Growing our evergreens in the field and harvesting fresh in spring can always leave the door open for some Mother Nature issues like winter burn. When this happens, keep in mind most of these imperfections will disappear with age.

We have always had our niche in the market with this bare root line.  If you haven't tried them yet let us send you some samples so you can see the Evergreen Nursery difference.

Colorado Spruce 5 Gallon ContainerEvergreen Container

Our #5 container evergreen are one of our best sellers.  We pot our premier bed run evergreens into a #5 container in a container mix in early fall.  The evergreens root into the pots in fall at the ideal time for root establishment.  Once the roots are partially established, they will provide the necessary energy for the plants to produce an excellent spring flush and a great root system.

The advantages of the containerized bare root evergreen are a heavy natural field root system that has been pruned for heavy branching, little noticeable set back of new growth often associated with planting bare root directly in to the field, and an expanded planting time.  These evergreen containers are ready to plant when you are.

Call now to place your order for Fall 2015 for the best price.  Our goal is to personally grow just for you, and have limited numbers available on open inventory. Call us for more details!

Bare Root Evergreen Potting Recommendations
We are often asked what is the best size pot for our bare root evergreens. Our evergreens are very heavily rooted and may require a larger pot size than other growers' evergreens. Roots may be trimmed lightly to encourage branching. It is important that roots are not turned or circled in the pot. It is better to give roots more room than try to pack too many roots into a small pot. Use a smaller pot for same season sale, larger for growing on. Below are basic pot size recommendations.
Plant Size Trade Size Pot Diameter Brand Size
4 year Bed Run #3 - #5 11 – 12” Classic 1200 – 2000
5 year Bed Run #5 - #7 12 – 14” Classic 2000 - 2800
Potting Media Suggestions
Growing plants in containers requires a medium that is very porous. It is not recommended to use field soil in containers. Field soil will stay wet and over time can cause root rot. Mixes containing a high percentage of pine or other composted barks drain well and will promote good root growth. Evergreens are sensitive to long periods of high moisture. Let the containers dry out between watering. Try to water when the plants need the moisture and not on a time schedule. After potting an occasional misting of the foliage on hot days will reduce stress and help plants establish.
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